Sunday, 23 December 2012

Chains. Slaves. Help...............from Rico

Let's talk about the chains of debt slavery, and why most Americans can't 'see' the invisible chains of "chained CPI' (C-CPI-U) and what they really mean.

By now, all but the dimmest have realised that the BLS "rigs" their Unemployment numbers, that the CPI (inflation) numbers are "rigged" and a few have even 'heard' about the LIBOR "rigging" (even if they have no idea what kind of animal LIBOR is), and finally there are a very few that understand the "price rigging" of Gold and Silver on the COMEX...but at this point the vast majority will 'look' to see your tinfoil hat.
- Take away: official number "rigging" is as common as it is commonly not understood.

The 'real' current inflation rate is 9.4% using SGS's 1980 measure. No surprise to anyone outside the beltway that has to buy food-gas-medicine (which is no longer officially calculated).

The "official" inflation rate (CPI-U) understates inflation (do you really believe it's under 2% like they say it is?), which deceptively reduces the 'cost' of COLA's (cost of living adjustments), saving a spendthrift government from having to give back any of the money they've stolen from Social Security, and cheapening the cost of paying back other money they spent that they did not have.

The proposed use of C-CPI-U (chained CPI) will further understate the actual inflation rate from the current 'rigged' measure.
- When you see or hear "chain weighted" all you need to understand is that this will fraudulently and artificially reduce COLA adjustments from their current phoney level.

Had the politicians NOT imposed similar policies in the 1980's and 1990's Social Security payments today would be roughly DOUBLE their current levels.
- This is 'sneaky' way of cutting benefits without having to say "we're cutting benefits in order to balance the budget" (in other words, solving the problem THEY created by stealing even more from YOU). This is one of the reasons Americans are becoming debt slaves.

Ann Barnhardt famously said "If you're still in these markets you're either stupid or on drugs."
- Let me badly paraphrase her by saying "If you believe ANY official numbers you are stupid and possibly heavily medicated, too." You might also believe them when they say "I'm from the Government, and I'm here to help."

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