Friday, 21 December 2012

Corzineing the market-all crime, all the time!.................from Rico

The very conspicuous pattern of criminal collusion in the precious metals by the Cartel and the Fed is now:
- takedown at PM fix, and/or if $5 above AM fix
- takedown at COMEX open
- takedown at London close
- takedown at post-COMEX pit close
- takedown at COMEX access trade reopen

When you are serious about gaming the markets, forget the old 'bang the close' but just BANG EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME!
- There is no longer ANY effort to be subtle or discreet by the Cartel, since the CFTC, SEC, and FBI will most certainly NOT be bothering any TBTP (too big to prosecute) banksters, who are too well-connected to this corrupt regime to know any fear or they monkey-hammer the markets.

With Gold only off about $120, and Silver off about $5 so far, who knows how much lower this will go on as paper shorts are 'covered' at bargain prices, and accumulation of physical 'longs' is accomplished?
- Whatever 'it' is, I'm betting that something BIG lurks ahead.

With that in mind, Paper Gold and Paper Silver 'investors' should be brushing-up on the definition of "being Corzined."
- For the rest of us "backwardation" means there are no longer any willing sellers of physical Gold or Silver bulion.

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