Friday, 28 December 2012

Fiscal Cliff? Baaaa Humbug!.....................from Rico

Fiscal Cliff? What's all a big distraction, more really bad kabuki theatrics from the maroons in Washingtoon designed to distract everyone from two problems:
- America's politicians are fiscally insane arsonists with matches.
- The 'problem' is out of control SPENDING by them (money they do not have, so have to borrow, btw). [See the red line on the chart]

While able to ban Edison's light bulb, they have not been able to pass a 'budget' in years.
- The budget actually IS one of the few things that is their purpose, but I guess they were too busy meddling in things that were NOT their job!

They passed Obamacare without reading it (actually because it wasn't completely written) over the clear opposition of Americans, while exempting themselves from it.

Do NOT get me started on Feinstein's latest gun-grab shenanigans.
- Americans don't want it, but like Obamacare they're going to 'get' it. For their own good, of course.

No reasonable person has any trust or faith in the present criminal enterprise calling itself 'representative government'...these people give government a bad name....and only a moron still believes that politicians and government "knows what's best" about anything.
- Baaaa humbug!

I just read a headline that disingenuously asked "Lock Congrees Up Until They Deal?"
- NO. Just lock them up. Period.

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