Tuesday, 4 December 2012

For no good reason.......................from Rico

Yesterday I marked my calendar for a "raid" in the precious metals paper-mrkets today.
- Not working for the SEC or CFTC does have certain advantages, one of them is paying attention to what is actually 'going on' (which is most difficult if you are a 'regulator' with a cranial-rectal inversion).

So, at the usual hour this morning the precious metals are being monkey-hammered FOR NO GOOD REASON.*
- It's not anything in the news; nothing has been 'fixed' in EUrope or with the fairy-tale 'fiscal cliff'; and it is certainly NOT the fundamentals.

*Well, maybe there IS a pretty 'good' reason:
- A rising Gold and Silver price is a statement about the truly crummy returns on other investments as well as the shabby behavior of Central Banks. This is the truth that MUST be suppressed, and this is why the paper games continue to be played as long as there are any players that haven't yet been shorn of any wealth. J.S. is absolutely spot-on with his observation that the manipulators will 'flip' to the other side once they have made their ill-gotten money from the 'short' side and see a new 'opportunity' to play the 'long' side. Holding physical (in your hand, or in the ground) never seemed like a better idea than it does today.

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