Sunday, 23 December 2012

Hagel Clears Major Hurdle: Apologizes to Gays...........................from Dan Friedman

As I said a few days earlier, American Jews’ reflexive support for Obama has lost the Jewish community any leverage it might have had over the Administration’s Iran-Israel-Mideast policies. Want proof Jews are now taken for granted? The gay community is first in line to receive a preemptive apology from Chuck Hagel, the presumptive nominee for Obama’s Secretary of Defense. Yet no mea culpa for Hagel’s far more poisonous aversion to the “Jewish lobby” is even in sight.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention another part of the prediction I made. Jewish useless idiots (mostly so-called “Reform rabbis”) would still be valued by the White House for their ability to kosher Chuck Hagel and other Obama pigs. And so it has come to pass.

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