Sunday, 30 December 2012

Holiday Blogging

ICYMI, "Weight Watchers Extends Endorsement Deal With Jessica Simpson (VIDEO)."

And, "Looking Great! Jessica Simpson Posts Revealing Cleavage Photo on Twitter Days After Confirming She's Expecting Second Child (PHOTO)."

Plus, the bikini/breast babe-bloggers have kept busy at the bikini/breast babe-blogging this holiday week, "Holiday Rule 5."

More, "Women Pose With Assault Rifles They Got For Christmas."

And upon the death of a military hero, "Progressives Viciously Attack Deceased Ret. General Norman Schwarzkopf on Twitter."

And don't-miss Michelle Malkin commentary here, "Gun-Grabbing Democrats Exploit Tragedy to Push Radical Agenda."

Also, "In Ireland, Carbon Taxes Demonstrate Global Left's Radical Environmentalism in Action."

And we're outta there in Afghanistan a little more than a year from now, but are we ready? See, "An Uneasy Separation in Afghanistan," and "Germans Say Afghan Forces Unready for West's Withdrawal."

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