Tuesday, 25 December 2012

It's Yesha, stupid!.................fro Dan Friedman

Israel is amidst another election campaign that will decide who leads the country come next month. For a small nation facing existential threats from enemies that surround her, it’s surprising that “security” is not at the top of the candidates’ list. No, this time around what separates the men from the old boys are the “settlements” and suspicions that Bibi has sub rosa plans to expel more Jews from their homes in favor of the Arabs. That’s indicative of a general swing to the right in Israeli politics and a widespread feeling that the “hardline” Netanyahu is not hard enough. There is a growing consensus that the man habitually talks out of both sides of his mouth with his left side getting the best of the right.
For an inside look at the current debate from one POV, watch this short video with English subtitles.

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