Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Late News............

India, Algeria, Vietnam still biggest buyers of Russian arms

Depleted uranium - Detailed guidance

New corruption suspicions in American aircraft deal with Iraq

Guns, Mental Illness and Newtown

Syria to Host Iraq War Reenactors

State Department says independen​t report on Benghazi due out this week

"All of us have to stop spending more than we earn every year"

A Call for Full Disclosure in the Gun Control Debate

The Verdict: Americans are Certifiably Nuts

Chuck Hagel as a 'Teachable Moment' By Frank Gaffney, Jr.

AFRICOM announces it will have rapid reaction force

The Charles de Gaulle to Syria? Story of a "fail"

Why You Should Take the 2012 Apocalypse Seriously

Proof of a Scandal: U.S. Policy is Making Syria into an Anti-Weste​rn, Antisemiti​c Islamist State

If ObamaCare is such a great deal

Discovery in Palermo: is this a meteorite?

Anti-gun Michael Moore's body guard arrested on gun charges in 2005

Even Without Congress, Obama Could Act to Restrict Guns

Could true spending cuts stimulate the economy?

Grand Ayatollah Declares All Christian Women May be Raped

Gun Prosecutions Down 40% During Obama Presidency

How the Media Got Newtown Wrong

Russia and America’s New Arms Race

Gun Control, Thought Control and People Control

Obama Political Operation Revving Up for Gun Debate

Professor calls for murder of NRA president

Small Protest Gathers in Front of NRA's DC Office

Medicaid Expansion: States Must Meet Obamacare Standards To Get Full Federal Funding

Pelosi on Hillary Clinton for president in 2016: 'I hope she goes'

Russia eyes Syria evacuation as rebels take Damascus district

40 Years Later, Vietnam Remembers Nixon's 'Christmas Bombing'

Presidenti​al succession order: The president pro tempore of the Senate shouldn’t take over in a crisis

Victory: Human Rights Watch Expels Antisemitic Official Richard Falk

How soon could jobless rate reach 6.5%?

White House rejects Boehner's fiscal cliff Plan B

Congress should push for mandatory gun insurance

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