Thursday, 20 December 2012

Late News...........

New York Stock Exchange is sold to ICE

Will the World end on 21-12-2012​?

Taxpayers Take Hit On GM Buyback

WaPo/ABC poll shows Americans opposed to interventi​on in Syria, unless

Musings On Iraq: How Saddam Doomed The Defense of Iraq In 2003

Col. Ralph S. Parr, a highly decorated AF pilot, dies at 88

Congresswoman: Install Automatic Retractable Steel Walls On Every School Campus

National Review writer’s offensive Newtown theory

St. Pete Detectives Call 5 Stab Wounds to Chest 'Suicide'

Former U.S. Olympian admits to working as a Vegas call girl

Obama’s Middle East Mess

Just how disputed are "disputed territorie​s" in Iraq? Time to let a full nationwide census doing the talking

Commerce Department without a leader for five months

ABC's 'Nightline​' Airs Superb Segment on School Security

This is CNN: "A nasty combinatio​n of supreme self-right​eousness and reflexive demonizati​on"

Benghazi Review Board: Law Prevents State Dept from Holding Top Officials Accountabl​e

House GOP to pass 'Plan B' to avert 'fiscal cliff'

Proof the Left Wants All Guns Outlawed

U.S. population growth flat; N.D. fastest growing state

Gun Crazy II

The Olympian story with art

Gun control advocates hope for NRA policy shift

Chagos Islanders defeated in European Court

Fears Syria is turning into sectarian conflict

Gun Fight: NRA Memberships Soar

Gallup: Americans Want Mental Health Laws, Police, Not Banning Guns

Small Navy, Strong Navy

Hillary’s Benghazi Report (ARB) Blames Amb. Christopher Stevens

Obama’s Hollywood Backers Steeped in Violence

and finally...........

Future Navy Pilot

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