Thursday, 27 December 2012

Late News......

Cambrian Dissenters​: Mrs Thatcher's Last Laugh - Arthur Scargill Humiliated In Court Decision

Who's On The Gun Line?

CDR Salamander​: Who's Afraid of the Big Red Dragon?

Piers Morgan: Hey, let's amend the Bible

Gun classes for teachers firing up in Utah, Ohio

Sotomayor rejects Hobby Lobby request for injunction on HHS mandate

Iraq Defense Minister and 7 others accountabl​e in Russian arms deal

israel is Unveiling a New Series of Weapons

Law firm: Zillow may have hidden problems

British Doctors Call for Ban on Long Kitchen Knives to End Stabbings

When Will Iran Have a Missile Capable of Reaching the United States?

New 'fiscal cliff' issue: The debt ceiling

Goebbels Letter to Obama

America's 9 craziest lawsuits of 2012

Gallup: Opposition to handgun ban hits all-time high

Sometimes, our ideals run aground on the shoals of reality

Should Obama label the Westboro Baptist Church a hate group?

Lawyer outs journalist​s who released gun permit holder data

Argghhh! The Home Of Two Of Jonah's Military Guys.. - Reckon!

Blogger Retaliates Against Paper That Published Gun Owner Addresses by Creating Interactive Map of Its Employees

Syria: Russia warns of 'bloody chaos'

Iran sacks its only female minister

Jacob Zuma says owning a dog 'is not African'

François Hollande says days of propping up African regimes 'are over'

Heirs of Communist China's Eight Immortals 'have amassed huge wealth'

Obama’s Family Vacation for Dudes

WH Petition to Arrest David Gregory Gaining Ground Fast

America and the World in 2030

and finally but not forgotten..........

Charles Durning

Flight Lieutenant Jimmy Corbin

Englishman wakes up from stroke speaking fluent Welsh

Stocks plunge, bounce back on 'cliff' drama

Serbs hope vampire lore will scare up some more tourists

Consumer confidence falls on fiscal cliff fears

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