Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Late News...........

Voyager 1 Hits "On-ramp" to Interstellar Space

CDR Salamander​: LCS: if numbers don't work, use pictures

Iran protests US drones, paper warns of greater Kurdistan

Senate GOP blocks treaty protecting people with disabiliti​es

Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief

Faulty pundits, Rove and Morris, banished from Fox News

No, It’s Not the Same Sharia Provision as in the Old Egyptian Constitution

The UN’s ITU and the Internet: A Cautionary Tale

The Justice Department​'s Hurricane-​Strength Misconduct

Brussels eyes economic sovereignty over EU nations

Iranians told to flee Tehran

Australian girl brings hand grenade to school's show-and-tell

Obama Blinks on Entitlements

Fearing post-2014 environment, Afghans buy up weapons

USS Eisenhower aircraft carrier arrives off Syrian shore

American Airpower = Soft Power?

U.S. Intelligence Sees Potential CW Preparations at Multiple Syrian Sites

Rival Egyptian protest groups fight with sticks and stones outside Morsi’s presidential palace

Rice Allegedly Helped Thwart Effort that May have Prevented 1998 Africa Embassy Bombings

Syrian civil war spills into Lebanon as rebels close in on Damascus

India and Vietnam face off with China in disputed waters

Fearing Syria spillover, UN Golan troops to deploy armor

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