Wednesday, 12 December 2012


How to Find a Girlfriend Near a Navy Base

Russia sees little benefit of dropping Syria, its last ally in Middle East

BLACKFIVE: It was a matter of honor ...

Flex, adapt, innovate..​.

Ripples from the Election, by Victor Davis Hanson

US, France at Odds Over Mali Force

London Rejects Plan for Mega-Mosque

Romans Against Obama?

EagleSpeak​: Missouri-M​ississippi River Water Woes

Fracking seen robbing OPEC's power to set US gas prices

2 Somali Islamists arrested in suspected pipe bomb attack at Bonn train station

Exports drop in October by biggest margin in almost four years

Depardieu to be deprived of French citizenshi​p?

Venezuela: Chavez or Maduro?

Peshmerga discusses with Western officials the risk of outbreak of war between Erbil and Baghdad

Contractor building federal Obamacare exchange has a big ol' conflict of interest

French prime minister: Curse these greedy rich people fleeing the country

Turkey weighs pivotal oil deal with Iraqi Kurdistan

President Barzani to Peshmarga Troops: We Hope for Peace But are Ready for War

Obama: America now recognizes Syria's opposition as the legitimate representa​tive of the Syria people

Vilsack: Rural America is becoming less and less relevant

Federal court strikes down Illinois ban on carrying concealed weapons

Apple Officially Boycotts Israel, Silent as it Adopts Arab Position, Refuses to Recognize Jerusalem, Israel

Secret Camo Can Make American Soldiers Truly Invisible

Assad and WMD: ‘Don’t Doubt — He Will Use Everything’

North Korea tests long-range rocket as 'provocative act' condemned

Dinosaur named in honour of Obama

Accusations of Torture in Egypt - Muslim Brotherhood Metes Out Vigilante Justice

Secret Weapons Deals - Popular Military Vehicle Sparks Arms Export Debate

America’s Gulf Allies Give the Taliban 200 Million Dollars a Year

Union Thugs Shout “I’ll Kill a Mother F***** With a Gun!” While Assaulting Opponents

Afghans Fail in Money Laundering Fight

Naples arms seizure busts Iran’s Balkan-Italian arms smuggling routes

Red Star Over the Atlantic?

The U.S. Marine Corps Surges to the Asia-Pacific

Questions Surround Qadhafi Chemical Arms Stash

Even if you didn’t vote for him, Obama owns you

Benghazi explained: Interview with an “Intelligence Insider” (Part III)

New Translation of Famous Khrushchev Insult

CDR Salamander​: So, ships in fine condition now?

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