Saturday, 15 December 2012


Guns and Knives, Merely Tools

Iraq Minister of Finance: Fall of Assad regime within weeks

Mysterious package sent to Indiana Jones at University of Chicago

Gun-free zones provide false sense of security

Kurdistan'​s Massoud Barzani issues decree to use "Kurdish areas outside region" instead of "disputed areas"

Scientific paper by Tuite, Haley links Gulf War nerve gas to illness

Health care exchange decision day: 25 states won't build them

Iraq Takes Delivery of C-130J Super Hercs

From Sandy Hook to Dunblane, shootings leave unforgetta​ble legacies

Casablanca piano sold at auction

'Armageddon' plan needed for asteroid impacts

The Only Way to Stop a Gun is With a Gun

Obama’s Asia Team Busy Partying While North Korea Launched Rocket

CNN Primetime Star Immediately Exploits Conn. School Shooting

Ex-Russian strategic commander says new Chinese missiles threaten 1987 U.S.-Russia arms treaty

US-Iranian nuclear talks fail. Iran has plutonium for 24 Nagasaki-type bombs

It is time to have background checked – armed guards at Public schools

Is Obama Only Going to Enforce the Laws He Wants?

Obama Wants “Meaningful Action” in Response to Shooting

Morsi cedes to extremists on Egyptian constitution

Western backed Free Syrian Army has crossed the line: Voice of Russia

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