Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Navy Fliers Discuss Gossip Girl on Recon Flight

Swedish Teen Girls Riot Over Call for ‘Sluts’ on Instagram

BLACKFIVE: Mass shootings require curtailing rights

Kurdistan Peshmerga troops fire on Iraqi army helicopter in dispute areas

Hypocrisy: UN adopts 9 resolutions on Palestinians & Golan, yet silent on Syrian massacre of Palestinians

Cool: NYT discovers women can take individual action to improve their own pay

And Now From Sweden...Non-Xenophobic Baking With Ernst

Coal May Pass Oil As World's No. 1 Energy Source By 2017

Caption Contest (On The Bunny Trail Edition)

Oh well: Boehner's "Plan B" likely already DOA in the Senate

Coverage Rapid, And Often Wrong, In Tragedy's Early Hours

Connecticut doesn't have sh*t on Chicago when it comes to school children killing and maiming

In Iraq, Exxon oil deal foments talk of civil war

Associated Press Story: Believe It or Not Mass Killings Are Not on the Rise, They Are on the Decline

Reading, ‘Riting and Race

A Lesson for My Daughter

Our Pancakes Are Saved! Charges Filed In Canadian Maple Syrup Heist

Benghazi mission attack report: US security was 'grossly inadequate'

Syria: US reporter suffered mock executions for five days before escaping

China's multimillionaires emigrating in droves

Mohammed Morsi under more pressure in Egypt

None of the 5 Worst Shooting Rampages Were Carried Out By An American

Bolton: Clinton Avoiding Benghazi Testimony

Chinese State Media Demands US Citizens Be Disarmed

Russian warships sail for Syria, large anti-submarine ship for waters near Iran

Looks Like ANOTHER Obama Middle Class Tax Increase

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