Friday, 28 December 2012


Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, coalition forces leader during Persian Gulf War, dies

Bezerkeley Football and the NFL Pro Bowl

Rule 5

Town may use road kill for possum drop

This Is the Exact Date When Our Computer World Ends

What will be the likely model of american insurrection, if "gun control" doesn't "go well?"

Statement by Secretary Panetta on the Passing of General Norman Schwarzkopf

22 Things You're Doing Wrong

TSA nabs record number of guns from carry-on bags

BBB's charity ratings, seal of approval under fire

US evacuates embassy in Central African Republic

Russia invites Syrian opposition leader for talks

Egyptian opposition leaders under investigation for 'plot to topple Morsi'

EU Summit Reveals a Paralyzed Continent

Egyptian Cleric Threatens Egypt's Copts with Genocide

Syrian Rebels Now Threatening War with the United States

How Obama’s Policies Led to Benghazigate

A Jordanian-Palestinian confederation aired by Netanyahu, Abdullah

Barack Obama Is Too Arrogant To Lead In Times Of Tragedy

A Frightening Prospect: War in the East China Sea

An Overhyped Threat: Ballistic Missiles

A family toothbrushing fight, a duck attack and the silliest 911 calls received by a southwest Ontario police force in 2012

December 27, 2012: The Day Freedom Died in America

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