Saturday, 29 December 2012


Matt Wright, Outback Wrangler, Tough Son-of-a-Gun

The american insurrection .... where it will be fought ....

Regulating the Militia

House Dems to offer bill banning high-capac​ity magazines on first day of new session

US Budget for Dummies

Al Qaeda Disbands; Says Job of Destroying U.S. Economy Now in Congress’s Hands

Fossil forest on remote Pacific island evidence of ancient life

34 Things From 2012 That Made You Feel Old

Obama: Senate will try to strike fiscal cliff deal

Video: Let's pay down the national debt by donating $1 from each paycheck

Harry Carey Jr., member of John Ford stock company, dead at 91

Q+A: Cody Wilson Of The Wiki Weapon Project On The 3-D Printed Future of Firearms

Cameron plan to opt out of policing laws is crazy, says EU justice chief

Britain's Kabul embassy installs bottom scanners

Venezuela murder rate soars

Ethiopian Kids Using Tablets to Teach Themselves

British Rapists and Pedophiles Converting to Islam in Prison

FLASHBACK: Kerry Voted Against Gulf War, Proposed Multilateral 'New World Order'

Fateh missiles and start of Russian-Iranian military cooperation to bolster Assad

The Fiscal Cliff is a Diversion from the Real Problem

Egypt to pursue relationship with Hezbollah

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