Wednesday, 12 December 2012

"Oath Keepers USA!" - Wild Bill


T.L. Davis said...

Were it only true. Oathkeepers have not abided by their own oaths when the government has passed unconstitutional laws before and they will not act when it comes to gun legislation.

Where were they before the Supreme Court rulings on concealed carry in Illinois?

They have no credibility.

Anonymous said...

How many times does he ask us to 'trust him'?

In my 50s, I can tell you that I've had 'honorable', 'trustworthy', but lying sacks of **** cops betray their oaths on the stand in court three times.

Trust a cop? 'trust your government'. They're one and the same.

Bovine Scat from the "Thin Blue Line" that never cease to lie to protect their 'brothers in blue'.

To hell with that....

J. Chleva
Englewood, CO

Chaplain Tim said...

I am not a "Rambo", nor am I a "knucklehead". I do, however, know how to read and assimilate facts. I'll see your Oathkeepers (took mine in '81 and have done my best to honor it since) and raise you this:

Anonymous said...

Your members violate their oath at every sobriety checkpoint they setup. Just following orders though, right?

Tell me, if I called one of your Sheriffs after being illegally detained and searched by TSA in his county without probable cause, what is he going to do?

Anonymous said...

I challenge you to show me where and when Oathkeepers have made a publically acknowledged stand since they've been in existence. "Wild Bill" is right, most Cops and Military are conservative, but they also don't see many around them that will back their play, if they do decide to act overtly against a constitutional infringement. They also don't have the monopoly on patriotism and defense of liberty. I'm LEO, former military, an oathkeeper, and I guess a "Rambo/patriot", and I got something to say to "Wild Bill", If you honestly believe the average citizens should trust their fate, and that of the country to the Mil, and Cops, your a fool. I will take personal responsibility for me and mine, and so should every American out there. If that makes them "Rambo", so be it. If we had more active "Rambo's" we woulsn't have as many abusive cops, they wouldn't be able to affort treating people in a less than "Constitutionally allowed" manner. It might be more hazardous to their health.