Thursday, 20 December 2012

Obama rated 5th Best President after less than 4 years

I was just reading that after less than four years, Barack Obama has been rated the 5th Best President, ever.

Reagan and nine others tied for 1st; fifteen Presidents tied for 2nd; eighteen Presidents tied for 3rd; Jimmy Carter was 4th; and Obama came in 5th.

H/T Shelly


Anonymous said...

Where was this vote taken? China? Syria?

Anonymous said...

Liberal academic "historians". Balance needs to be returned to the schools by any means necessary, to quote a phrase the left likes to use.

LifeoftheMind said...

Worse than Carter. Worse than Grant. Probably worse than Wilson. May be as bad as Buchanan. Makes Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson seem like models of probity and restrained selfless patriotism by comparison.

Hammerbach said...

Read and add - that makes him LAST.