Friday, 14 December 2012

Overnight News...........

That proposed Internet regulation at the UN didn't go over too well

Darfur War May Explode into Full-Scale Genocide

Surprising Facts About Women's Bikini Lines

Federal gun checks surge as violent crime ebbs

Fort Drum brigades work quickly to process soldiers before deployment

U.S. judge says victims' bodies can prevent rape

Why Legos Are So Expensive — And So Popular

Cops: man allegedly assaulted teen he met through iPhone app

Boehner: President is willing to go over fiscal cliff

Poll: Non-voters say make process easier

The Left vs. Susan Rice

How Justice Kennedy could vote to recognize gay marriage and strike down affirmativ​e action

"Obama's indifferen​ce means nuclear danger," Amb. Bolton

'Decembeav​er' Movement Wants Women To Stop Shaving For Cancer Awareness

Vatican replaces pricey Nativity scene with cheaper one

How Well Do You Rise From Sitting on the Floor

Napoleon march to Russia in 1812: Typhus spread by lice was more powerful than Tchaikovsk​y’s cannonfire

Why do teenage girls dress like sluts? Because they’re teenagers

OBAMA LIED: New Obamacare Law Is Already Forcing Premiums to Increase – Even Double

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