Sunday, 23 December 2012

SCHLOBs upset with Moore and Popoff

The SCHLOBs* are very upset with Dr. Patrick Moore and I for keeping up the good fight in defence of modern agriculture. Sure, organic agriculture has its place, but not through unfounded attacks and innuendo based on pseudo-science and bureaucracy. Take a gander at our latest coverage in The Vancouver Province: Guest column: Canada’s organic food system is a nightmare. You can republish or broadcast from this piece by clicking here.
If you have not yet read our report on the Canadian organic sector yet, click here for the media release. To go straight to the full report click here. Everything we say about the Canadian system can just as readily be said of the American system, and it ain’t pretty.
It is of course our sincere hope that the Canadian organic sector will clean up its act and start testing organic crops and livestock in the field instead of relying completely on paperwork. On that note, please also have a look at the interview I gave to RealAgriculture’s News Team: Canada’s Organic Standard is Failing the Consumer and the Grower.

Mischa Popoff, B.A. (Hons.) U. of S.
Policy Advisor for The Heartland Institute

*SCHLOB stands for the Slow, Careful, Humane, Local, Organic and Biodynamic food movement.

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