Sunday, 2 December 2012

The BIG joke..................from Rico

This is THE big joke of Keynesian economic theory and Central Banking, and very few actually 'get it' (although you can bet our privately-owned and for-profit FED does, since they are in on it).
- It's also one of the reasons they hate precious metals like vampires hate garlic.

While the career politicians prance about in their clownshoes and red rubber noses quacking about "the fiscal cliff" and are obediently parroted by the MSM and FTV charlatans, this is something they do NOT want to talk about or want anyone to even 'think' about.

This is actually very simple. Look at the two lines on this chart.
- The blue line reflects the falling purchasing power of the Dollar. From the creation of the FED when one Dollar was worth one Dollar to today, when one Dollar is really only 'worth' 3.8 cents.*
- The red line represents rising prices over time. This is the inflation the professional liars say does not exist.
- The turning point is pretty clearly indicated in the 1970's. This is one trend that is NOT your friend!

It has been said before, but is worth repeating:
- It isn't that the value (price) of Gold has gone UP. It has not. It is the value (purchasing power) of paper fiat that has gone DOWN.

*The Treasury will begin removing pennies and nickels from circulation in 2013. Pennies stopped being made of copper about 1984 and have been made of zinc with a copper 'wash' and are truly worthless in both nominal and real terms by now. Nickels still amazingly contain nickel, and are worth about seven nominal cents due to their metal content. Even the venerable Dollar bill, the greenback, is being 'looked' at for extinction by the 40# brains in government who dimly 'sense' something is wrong (well, a nominal Dollar is worth 3.8 cents in real terms anyway). Does this suggest to anyone...Bueller? Bueller? ...that a currency reset/revaluation looms? In sum, this is why Gold is better than garlic when dealing with the vampire squid of Keynesian and Central Bank fiat.

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