Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Sunday Best......................

Chinese Women, Carrier Style

My Plan to Avoid the Fiscal Cliff

Lockheed, DoD Agree on F-35 Fifth Block Purchase

Iraq PM Maliki does not consider use of force against Kurds

Navy's Next Ford-Class Aircraft Carrier to be Named Enterprise

I'm sure I'm wrong to wish this story were true

Trained Navy dolphins losing out to robots

AAA warns EPA to halt sale of E15 gas

CDR Salamander​: ... and the Salamander did grin ...

PM warns of 'ethnic conflict' in Iraq

Bank of America backs away from new fees; populists rejoice

Enterprise honors victims and survivors of 1969 fire

Long sought ecoterrori​st arrested at Canadian border

Congress to look at eliminatin​g the one dollar bill

Committee contracted with Russia for arms leave within three days to Moscow

Mal​iki reveals a proposal sent to Kurdistan about mixed areas protection

Gallup: Yes, Democrats, liberals favor socialism

Dogwhistling Democrats

Al Qaeda commander thought killed in South Waziristan drone strike

M&S Spitfires are made in Germany

Taliban target US Afghan base in suicide attack

Inside Jabhat al Nursa - the most extreme wing of Syria's struggle

Multi-million gold heist from boat in Caribbean

South African farmers fearing for their lives

Islamists demonstrate in support of Morsi

Lame duck lurches towards fiscal cliff

Muslim Brotherhood’s “Paid Rapists” Sexually Assault Female Protesters

Unusual activity at Syrian chemical weapons sites amid rumors Assad is dead or fled

Palin Slams White House Press Corps for Passivity

Iran stations defense staff at N. Korea site

and finally................

Doc's Computin' Tips: Windows Update - that extra mile

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