Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The un-recover​y...................from Rico

It's absolutely Orwellian.

The teleprompter readers blather-on about the US economy being in 'recovery' endlessly. Breathlessly.
- I guess Goebbels was right. If you tell a big enough lie, often enough...

And, of course, the current government said the last recession ended long ago. Years ago.
- Well, if they say so, then it MUST be twue!

Chew on this number a moment.
- US employment in the present 'recovery' is 4.4 million BELOW the employment level at the 'official' start of the recession. Huh?

The noted economist and dietician Moochelle could not be reached for clarification, as she was unavailable due to a Hawaiian vacation.
- A taxpayer-funded one. Yet again.

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