Thursday, 6 December 2012

The "usual".................from Rico

Just some more of the "usual" (let's call it the 'new' usual, since abnormal and unusual activity on the CRIMEX has become "usual").
- The 'usual' suspects once again engaged in the 'usual' criminal activity.
- At the 'usual' time, the COMEX open.
- The 'usual' metals smack-down timed around the the monthly meaningless faux-jobs report.
- The 'usual' running of the muppets and their stops to fleece them of anything they might have left.

How about something TRULY unusual (and quite unremarked and unreported)?
- Goldman calls the end of the Gold bull market due to the improving US economy (and with a straight face, too) on the same day it is reported that Goldman and JPM are considering huge layoffs due to the terrible economy. [Read: The Cartel is readying their move from the manipulated 'short' side to the 'long' side in advance of the next parabolic 'run' up in precious metals that they will then manipulate once the muppets have been thoroughly cleaned-out. Or, in technical banker-speak: heads I win, tails you lose.]

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