Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Tom Friedman, Jewish Hysteric................from Dan Friedman

[Nothing illustrates my point about the rightward movement of the Israeli electorate better than the panic it inspires in America’s Jewish liberal/left. Although it defies one of journalism’s sacred cows – never make yourself look stupid – useless idiots like Tom Friedman and Peter Beinart can’t seem to control themselves. Anyone paying attention knows Friedman has been wrong on Israel and the Middle East for more than twenty years. And it’s obviously taken its toll on his gargantuan ego. The combination of public humiliation and bitterness make a toxic brew that’s consuming him and other losers on the left. As the Israel of Friedman’s fantasies moves farther and farther away, he will continue to throw tantrums like a petulant child, and the written record of his hysteria is only going to get longer. df]
The Weekly Standard, December 26, 2012
By William Kristol

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MarkD said...

Is it Tom Friedman with the Goresque mansion, while lecturing the rest of us to make do with less, or Frank Rich?

His opinion is worth what I pay for it.