Monday, 17 December 2012

VICTIMS of Good Intentions.................from Rico

The mensa brain-trust that gave us "gun free zones" that made schools, theaters, and shopping malls easy targets for the criminally insane is braying for more "gun control" and "gun bans" to make us ALL safer.
- They are liars, and anyone who believes them is a fool. The only thing that will happen is that the honest citizens will become victims of their own government.

Gun control is THE ultimate fig-leaf for the failures of politicians, and banning guns means only criminals (not law-abiding citizens) have them.
- Duh! This is what criminals DO...they ignore the law. And when they KNOW John. Q. Public is not only guaranteed to be unarmed and helpless, but will be prosecuted for defending themselves, this encourages the criminals rather than deters them.

Washington, DC enacted a strict gun ban in 1977, followed by Chicago in 1988. The citizens were told that this would REDUCE violent crime and thus make them a lot safer.
- It did not. Violent crime actually INCREASED, and these two cities had the highest murder rates of America's 50 largest cities AFTER their bans were implemented. Their residents became the victims of their governments good intentions.

Look at what happened with violent crime (murder-robbery-rape) in the UK, Ireland, and Australia.
- Their crime rates absolutely soared AFTER they imposed gun bans. Their law-abiding citizens became victims of their governments good intentions.

Ignoring for a moment that governments have done a bang-up job of killing its own citizens over the past 70 years (Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot et al) that time period Europe has had about sixteen times the murder rate as the US had.

Consider what the well-intended Vollstead Act (prohibition) did for America. Why, it even became an amendment to the Constitution so you'd think as the ultimate law of the land it HAD to be a good thing, right?
- Nope. Instead it gave America organized crime syndicates and lots of criminal violence. Once people figured out that they had been made the victims of good intentions, the law was repealed (but organized crime remained).

Honest citizens do not need to be controlled, their criminally stupid politicians/government need to be controlled.
- This is not likely to happen, however. Just as they 'fight terrorism' by terrorising their own citizens and treating them like terrorists, so will they 'fight crime' by making their own citizens criminals and treating them like criminals. Like the 'real' terrorists, the 'real' criminals get off scot-free laughing all the way.

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Anonymous said...

These are the people who will insist you can drain water from a boat by drilling holes in the bottom. When you point out that this leads to more water in the boat they will conclude they need to drill more holes.