Friday, 21 December 2012

Why MS?...................from ;Rico

Many are asking themselves WHY does this never-ending post QE4 blitz on precious metals continue?
- Why this MS (More of the Same)?

Consider that while QE is really meant to 'save' insolvent TBTF banks and NOT to decrease unemployment or fix main street's economy, the Orwellian double-speak from the ones who run things (Bernanke, Geithner, Dimon), the fiction of 'saving you from yourself' sounds a lot better than the truth:
- It is more important to paint a negative annual return for the year than profit near term from rising bullion prices because (a) the banksters are not yet fully positioned to maximize profits from their increasing long term bullion positions, and (b) keeping the sheeple disinterested in and/or afraid of the one thing that could save them from the Fed's debt monetisation and currency debasement leaves more for them to accumulate!

Precious metals can save you from financial death.
- They know it. Everyone else is NOT supposed to know it. Just 'trust' them, like the Government, they're here to help (themselves).

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