Thursday, 20 December 2012

World's greatest magic act.................from Rico

Remember the MF Global theft, the one where all that customer money 'evaporated'?
- That was peanuts. Small beer.

The GREATEST magic act of modern times has been performed by our very own, and much beloved, privately-owned and operated for profit Federal Reserve!
- It's NO small accomplishment to have 'evaporated' 97% of the US Dollar's value/purchasing power. And in broad daylight, mind you.

If you compare the purchasing power of the US Dollar to Gold, you can easily see 'why' the Central Bankers of the world (along with spending money they do not have politicians) absolutely HATE the yellow metal.
- Gold is also an unhappy reminder to them that while ALL currencies eventually die, bullion never does. An ounce remains an ounce no matter what, even when paper fiat becomes worth LESS than toilet paper (for Obamunists (C) read: Weimar, Zimbabwe, etc).

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