Thursday, 10 January 2013

5 Facts About Guns, Schools, & Violence

In the wake of December's horrific mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, Vice President Joe Biden is chairing a panel of experts that will make gun-control recommendations to President Barack Obama by the end of the month. The president has said that enacting new restrictions on guns will be one of his highest priorities. No one wants to ever again see anything like the senseless slaughter of 26 people -- including 20 children - at a school. But as legislators turn toward creating new gun laws, here are five facts they need to know.


Anonymous said...

Joe biden can't "lead with his head"'s up his ass.

indyjonesouthere said...

Nearly all of the mass shootings are done by people on psychotropic drugs or getting off of these drugs. Prior to the 60's most of the people getting such drugs for mental disabilities were in institutions and had more supervision. Now they are free to roam throughout society as lawyers challenged the ability of institutions to keep them incarcerated once they appeared to be stabalized. We brought these shootings upon ourselves by trying to provide a kinder,gentler society. The utopiate generation that promoted this need to be held accountable. And who holds the FDA accountable for approving these drugs without the required supervision to keep others safe?