Thursday, 17 January 2013

Afternoon Roundup

I'm still waiting to update on the status of the American hostages in Algeria. CNN's Jill Dougherty reported that we should be expecting some "bad news."

So, while we're waiting, a little roundup...

See, "Obama White House is Missing in Action in Mali." (A brutal editorial.)

Also, "Dana Loesch Destroys Piers Morgan in CNN Gun Debate." (That woman knows her guns.)

And in the Surprise, Surprise, Surprise Department, "It's All About 'Race, Class, and Gender' at America's Colleges and Universities."

These won't do anything to make anyone safer, but check it out ICYMI, "List: Obama's 23 Executive Actions on Gun Violence."

The full report is here, "Obama Unveils Sweeping Push on Gun Control (VIDEO)."

More, "Governor Rick Perry Responds to President Obama's Executive Orders on Guns." (The best!)

And this is hilarious, "Anna Kendrick's Risqué Love Tweet to Ryan Gosling." That woman has a nice pair of breasts!

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