Thursday, 24 January 2013

Afternoon Roundup

There's no shortage of news today and a roundup is in order...

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Now first, you gotta watch this lady when she comes on again next week. Huge breasts and a lovely accent, "Nigella Lawson Heats Up 'The Taste'!"

Okay, a must-read essay on the debate over abortion 40 years on, "Elizabeth Scalia Responds to Mary Elizabeth Williams."

Also, "Union Membership in U.S. Fell to 70-Year Low Last Year."

Additional responses to yesterday's testimony, "Hillary Clinton 'Lost Her Cool When One Senator Pressed Her Closely to Account for the False Story That Had Been Put Out in the Days Following the Attack...'"

Students at a Minnesota high school hung a black baby doll in effigy on MLK's holiday, and administrators want more social studies instruction? My snarky but serious response, "I'm Sure Everything Will Be All Better With More Diversity Training and Seminars on Institutional Racism (PHOTO)."

And this is just sad, "Baby Dies After SUV Falls Through Thin Ice at Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota."

And your afternoon hottie, "Smokin' Kitty Lea Baby Oil Screencaps." (This lady will melt you with her oil --- and well, her breasts too!)

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