Friday, 4 January 2013

Classic! Timeless!..............from Rico

Gee, THANKS Congress for 'saving' everyone in the US from the bogeyman of the 'Fiscal Cliff!' You deserve a raise! (Oh wait, Barry just gave you one.) Americans were obviously too 'skeered' to look under the bed for themselves, and took your 'word' for it that some sorta monster lurked there. Suckers. Mugs. Timeless comedy rampant.
- And just like with Obamacare, you didn't even 'read' the pork-stuffed law you enacted (well, you only had three minutes from receiving the bill to voting on it).

The consequences? Debt and spending were NOT addressed, much less resolved.
- One notes that while 80% will now pay MORE taxes to the Federal Government, and middle earners take the biggest proportional tax "hit." The result? "No Hawaiian vacations for YOU!" [In my best Seinfeld soup-Nazi voice.]

This at a time when US median net worth is the lowest since 1969 (after Barry's first term which 'shrank' US family net worth 38%), it looks a lot like the classic game of Communists vs. Kulaks.
- While 'saying' things like 'fair share' and 'eat the rich' what this Marxist cabal is actually 'doing' is 'killing the middle class.'

America will not look the same without them, and is approaching the status of Amerika rapidly.
- You will not like it.

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