Thursday, 17 January 2013

COMEX and Karnak.................from Rico

Just one more "completely normal, and unmanipulated" COMEX open in a long string of them.
- Go back to sleep CFTF 'regulators' there's nothing to see here!

Absent any remaining vestige of a free market or rule of law, those who trade 'long' overnight and 'short' days have the best chance of surviving. Those who hold their physical bullion closely have a much better chance of surviving and thriving.
- And those who play on the heavily-rigged paper CRIMEX, well...the kindest word for them is 'shnooks!'

After years of paper spot market-rigging of Gold and Silver, one wonders what is the actual value of the metals? You know, the 'real' one and not the centarlly-planned one we are supposed to see
- Sigh. We need Johnny Carson and Karnak the Magnificent back. Badly.

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