Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Connecting EUro dots...................from Rico

Let's connect some EUro dots.

Dot 1. For some years Germany has been trying to get a 'visual' inspection of its Gold that is allegedly held in the custody of the NY Fed beneath Manhattan. They have been rebuffed many times and told to go pack sand (rumors of the Fed saying they 'fart in the German's general direction' remain unsubstantiated, however).

Dot 2. Early Jan 2013. Germany announces a massive Gold bullion recall (which is being followed by other countries now, btw) from overseas, and recalling ALL of its Gold held in France.

Dot 3. Late Jan 2013. A French Minister has a public brainfart and lets the cat out of the bag, declarting France to be "totally broke."

Conclusion? Despite the smarmy political double-talk that 'zat doesn't mean ve don't twust you, schatzi' Germany clearly sees the writing on the wall, and is moving to secure its Gold reserves as part of their preparations for financial chaos (said positioning started circa Autumn 2011, somewhat coincident with the timing of their efforts infra in Dot 1).

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