Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Down But Not Out....................from Dan Friedman

[Israel Hayom is a Hebrew-language newspaper distributed free in Israel. It also publishes an excellent English newsletter daily on the Web. The man behind Israel Hayom, Sheldon Adelson, is an American who gave tens of millions to Republicans in the last election – to no avail. Since its debut in 2007, Israel Hayom has shaken up the largely leftist media establishment by giving Israeli readers a mainstream nationalist voice. Heretofore, unheard of in Israel, nevertheless a great success. Naturally, talk of legislation has been bandied about to outlaw “foreign” control of Israeli news outlets. Until recently that has been the Israeli Left’s way. For example, they couldn’t beat Rabbi Meir Kahane (OBM) so they made him and his party “illegal.” But the Israeli people give every indication that they have changed this time around. Twenty years of war and terror emanating from the “the peace process” and the two-state delusion have finally caused the scales to fall from Israelis’ eyes. Still, there has never been a Left like the Israeli Left and it would be hubristic folly to count them out for good. They are a tenacious, unprincipled, half-crazy lot who’s too blind with self-hatred to see. Simply put, the Left won’t be finished until the Israeli public drives a stake into its heart. Speedily in our days. df]
Israel Hayom, 1/2/2013
Dr. Haim Shine

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