Sunday, 6 January 2013

Fire the FED?...........................from Rico

Inflation is a "stealth" tax. Even that clown Maynard Keynes recognized that it was so invisible, not one in a million persons would recognize it for what it is (possibly the ONLY thing he was correct about...but I digress).

Apart from other 'reasons' to cook-the-books of CPI (Consumer Price Index; for Big Government fans, read: inflation), like inflating-away debt so it's cheaper to pay back the almost 50-cents of every dollar the Congressional spenders have to borrow to keep getting re-elected, here is THE one chart that presents a compelling argument to not just END the FED, but to FIRE the FED.

Even with the phoney 'official' CPI numbers currently being reported, the CPI (prices consumers have to pay for stuff) is UP thirty-times since 1913.

Res ipsa loquitor.

PS - And remember, they STILL do not think you are Taxed Enough Already in Washingtoon. So BOHICA middle-America


rhhardin said...

Inflation needs a log scale or the graph will always look flat and then turn up explosively, no matter what the inflation rate.

You can't tell working as intended from out of control on a linear scale.

Anonymous said...

What year was it that Nixon went off the gold standard after Jimmy Carter's double digit inflation?