Sunday, 6 January 2013

Fiscal Cliff Perspectiv​e.................from Rico

Sad to say, this very basic, simple...and OBVIOUS fact either eluded the 40# brains in Congress, or worse, they know better and just do NOT care!

The useless lapdog media hasn't bothered to explain the anal-gagng rape just performed on the taxpayers by their politicians, and Joe Sixpack (who relies on the Ministry of Truth aka ABC-CBS-NBC-CNN et al) sure has NO IDEA what is going on in full sight.

Whomever wrote this (a) is the kind of person we NEED in Congress, and (b) is the kind of person BOTH political parties do their damndest to prevent from ever getting there.

H/T Liz B


Anonymous said...

The total budget cuts should be $3.85 if you indeed remove eight zeros from $38,500,000,000

Anonymous said...

Actually it would be $385 if you remove 8 zero's!