Monday, 21 January 2013

Game Changer...................from Dan Friedman

[From a friend in Israel. This should please anyone who wants more “daylight” between the U.S. and Israel. Heh. df]

Dan Friedman

In April, two months from now, (officially announced a month ago), the TAMAR gas field comes on line with its 16 inch pipeline, high pressure. All infrastructure is in place and tested. At this point Israel will be far less vulnerable energy wise. This field hold reserves calculated to last from over 50 years to a century.

All Electric Power Stations will then work on natural gas and a significant number of core industries will follow. Consumers will have to wait a year or less to be linked through distribution lines.

In 2014, LEVIATHAN, the economic zone huge gas and oil field comes on line for local consumption and reserves storage. A 30 inch trunk line is being laid in the Haifa region. We saw today the pipes being set up and welded. Foreign sales would commence in 2015. Shale oil would commence to flow in 2016. For consumption. Sales would start if all goes well, in 2018.


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