Wednesday, 9 January 2013

God help us all!..............from Rico

Barry's choosing 'honest' Jack Lew as Timmy 'TurboTax)Geithner's replacement to be Treasury Secretary is as ironic as it is stupid.
- And for sheer lunacy, it's right up there with the selections of Hagel (I hate Israel), Brennan (I love Islam), and Kerry (I hate the US military).

'Honest' Jack was formerly a derivative dealer at Citi, one of the primary manufacturers and sellers of OTC derivatives.
- Who better to manage America's use of its VISA card to pay off its Mastercard than a banksta gangsta?
- Who needs gimmicks like trillion dollar platinum coins when there is a screaming 'need' for USG OTC derivatives?

I further suggest he is the PERFECT sociopath to have in place to implement the "Spanish Solution!"
- This will be the 'trigger event' to watch for: a failed Treasury bond auction. This will force the USG to raid private pension funds just like Spain already has , since this (~$6-8 trillion dollars) will be the last source of funds left. Just one more betrayal of the sheeple by their government.

Yeah. Sure. Riiiiight.....and this will make everything ALL better!
- And the US goes deeper into the monetary twilight zone...

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