Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Goldberg the Sewer Pipe and Dan Friedman

Apparently, and incredibly, my description of Jeffrey Goldberg as a “sewer pipe” for Obama is still making waves. So let me get a few things straight: 1) the passage in question was written by me for the comment section of Lori Lowenthal Marcus’s piece in the Jewish Press. 2) Apparently, it caught the eye of the blogster at Israeli Frontline, a blog I never heard of until this tempest in a teapot was brought to my attention by some people who reads my emails. 3) Israeli Frontline lifted the quote without informing me, but with proper attribution. All of which is OK by me. Except to express my utter disdain and curse all the Jewish quislings like Goldberg who live under a rock on the Left, I hope this will be the last word from me. Garbage like that is simply not worth the candle.

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Keep up the good work Dan, I appreciate your work.