Monday, 7 January 2013

Hagel & Obama: A Match Made in Dan Friedman

What could Hagel possibly bring to Obama’s table? So glad you asked. The two will act in concert as a tag team to stop Israel from attacking Iran. After that (or before), Hagel will draw the lightning away from Obama by publicly “advising” him to leave Iran alone. In other words, Chuck Hagel, as Secretary of Defense, will tell the President exactly what he wants to hear: a war with Iran would be a dangerous lose-lose proposition for our nation. What president could ignore such “advice” from the number two man in his cabinet?

And just like that, radical Islamist Iran – the fountainhead for Jew-hatred and international terrorism – will be home free! Free to build its nuclear arsenal, and the missiles to deliver it.

As always Mr. President, how can we ever thank you?

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