Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy Days, Again...............from Rico

While the millionaires in Congress party like it's 1929, the 'official' inflation rate of 1.7% is nowhere near the 'actual' inflation rate of 9.82%, and for the rest of America things are reminiscent of the days of that other socialist FDR who campaigned in 1932 with the song "Happy Days Are Here Again."

Look at the US GDP per capita when priced in ounces of Gold.
- Today, the US economy is producing as much as it did in 1931, near the worst of the Great Depression, and it's still trending to the worse. As we enter 2013 we are nearing 1932. Thanks "progressives"...job well done!

Happy days ARE here again, but only for the socialists who are busily wrecking the economy, again.

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