Wednesday 23 January 2013

Hillary Clinton #Benghazi Hearings

I've been blogging Hillary Clinton's congressional testimony, and we've got some fireworks.

What Difference Does It Make?
See, "Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Testimony Before House Foreign Affairs Committee and Senate Foreign Relations Committee."

Also, "John McCain Questions Hillary Clinton on Benghazi."

More, "ABC's Terry Moran Smears Sen. Rand Paul as 'Chickenhawk'."

Plus, "'I take responsibility ... I put my arms around the wives left to raise their children ...'"

And, "What Difference Does It Make?":
Hillary amits that the White House didn't give a shit about the truth. Their goal was to deflect the public from the truth, and they did so for weeks. It makes all the difference in the world what version of events plays in the public mind. Nothing I've seen of Hillary's testimony discredits the criticism that the White House politicized its response to the attack. She even threw Ambassador Susan Rice under the bus. Hillary's covering her ass while spinning a bunch of transparency bullshit to evade the real truth of it all: the lives of our personnel were less important than getting this president reelected. And that's why the left has pooh-poohed this entire debacle since September 11. All of the administration's foreign and national security policies have been about amassing and retaining power. From appeasing the Muslim world to grandstanding on human rights to creating a kill list to liquidate those who would expose Barack Hussein's anti-terror hypocrisies, this administration has been a disaster for U.S. interests in the world and for the lives of Americans at home and abroad. That's what difference it makes. At least folks like the late Andrew Breitbart, and James O'Keefe who continues his work, have been willing to point it out.

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