Thursday, 31 January 2013

Hot Afternoon Roundup

The usual heavy duty blog action going down today.

For starters see, "Some Overdue Lucy Pinder Rule 5."

Also, "Why Women Prefer AR-15s."

And, "VIDEO: The World According to Dianne Feinstein." (Featuring Second Amendment babe-goddess Emily Miller.)

More, "Straight Shooting Jessie Duff!" (She's the hottie who did the gun demonstration on Sean Hannity's that went viral.)

Still more, "Rep. Carolyn McCarty: Women Can't Handle AR-15s."

Here's Newt Gingrich's recent debate with Piers Morgan, which was good, "'Let's Have Hearings in Chicago...'"

Plus, "Newport Beach Murder Suspect ID'd as Stanwood Fred Elkus, Prostate Patient Battling Health Problems for Years."

And more freakin' hot hotness, "Smokin' Beth Humphreys for Front Magazine February 2013." (That's really hot!)

More on the way!

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