Friday, 25 January 2013

Illegal orders. Illegal laws..................from Rico

The defense used by the Nazi war criminals at the Nuremberg trials was "I was only following orders."
- A similar argument was used by Army Lt. Calley when on trial for the Me Lai killings in Vietnam.

At ANY time, illegal orders are just that...ILLEGAL ORDERS and should never be obeyed.
- Obeying illegal orders makes one just as criminal as those issuing the orders.

Un-Constitutional legislation that makes law-abiding citizens into criminals makes the legislators traitors AND criminals for betraying their oath to defend and uphold the Constitution.
- The Constitution is the source of legitimate authority, and a Congress or government that exceeds the powers granted by the Constitution loses all legitimate authority.

In the face of illegal orders and un-Constitutional decrees, the people must withdraw their consent to be governed.
- Whether entire States, or single individuals, secede and refuse to participate in these illegal enterprises is moot when their government has itself become criminal.

See something, say something?
- How about THIS: sic semper tyrannus!

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