Monday, 21 January 2013

Inauguration Day Roundup

I've got lots of smokin' hot blogging going on, with breaking commentary and analysis on the collectivist inaugural nightmare going down in D.C. Yeah, I watched it. It's worth watching if you're concerned about preserving liberty.

In any case, here's the inaugural coverage so far, "Barack Hussein Obama's Second Presidential Inauguration," and "CNN's Jim Acosta: 'I Feel Like I Should Pinch Myself Right Now...'"

And from some earlier blogging, including some tasty totties ...

See: "Katy Perry Red, White and Blue Inauguration 'Fireworks'."

And, "Obama Inauguration T-Shirt Touts Second Term as 'Earned, Not Given'." (Hilarious photo!)

Plus, "Gun Enthusiasts Flock to Gun Shows Around the Country." (Includes essential links.)

More, "Drive-In Movies Nearly Extinct as Studios Move to Stop Distributing 35-Millimeter Prints."

Also, "Assassination Attempt on Bulgarian Opposition Leader (VIDEO)."

And, "Sniper Kills Al Jazeera Reporter in Syria." (Really, click through for video of reporter picked off by snipers at that link.)

More, "ObamaCare Slams Part-Time College Professors."

More still, "Teenage Girl Says She Will Have Sex With Teenage Boy If He Gets 1 Million Facebook Likes."

Don't miss, "Mellisa Clarke Crowned Page 3 Idol Winner for 2013." (Boobies! Because it's a holiday!)

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