Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Inconvenie​nt and unreported....................from Rico

Does ANYONE give one bit of credibility to the disgraced profession of journalism or the MSM?
- How about faith in the ethics and honesty of professional politicians?

BOTH cherry-pick the data to fit their agenda, and BOTH lie shamelessly to achieve their goals.
- Both professions are less respected than roaches or head lice, and they are possibly dumber.

Here is an inconvenient fact, which is unreported because it does not 'fit' with their program.
- Of ALL firearm homicides in 2011, only 3.5% were caused by rifles. Follow me gun-grabbers...the AR-15 is a rifle, but it was not used in 3.5% of firearm homicides.

Fine job of focusing on the problem and creating a non-solution as a result.
- Typical. Usual.

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