Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Israel and The China Syndrome................from Dan Friedman

[Lots of mean-spirited Israel bashers like to use cutting aid to Israel as a threat. But they should be careful. They could get what they wish for. df]

Another message from another well-placed Israeli friend:

Israel has had very good relations with China since the late 50's. Nearly all of it clandestine due to China's dependence on Arab oil. That changed about 15 or 20 years ago. It was Israel that built the second "Great Wall of China" on the Chinese-Soviet border. It is also Israel that has been involved in hundreds of agricultural and water development projects all over China. China and India are our natural allies and trading partners. The Chinese love us so much that they are setting up special development zones just for Israeli business. I think they see us as their smarter, little brother or something like that. Because of our size and distance, we do not pose any sort of threat to them and so they can feel safe bringing us into their sphere of influence on a more or less equal basis.

India is also starting to recognize the usefulness of a strong relationship with us. Relationships with India will be more difficult due to the virulent Jew hatred of Gandhi. I do not know enough about India to say if it was a personal issue or if it reflects a cultural attitude of the upper classes.

The economic potential of either one of these giants greatly overtakes any potential for America or Europe. So there is no objective reason for clinging to the West. The reason that Israel's politicians hang on so tightly to the West is that is where they get their supplement income and retirement programs. [hint, hint, wink, wink df] So that while moving away from the West is the best thing for Israel, it would be a disaster for the establishment politicos. They would have to actually live on their official salary and that just would not do.


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