Monday, 14 January 2013

Late News...........

Gay Marriage And The Global Progressive Agenda

CDR Salamander​: Sequestrat​ion Budgetary Guidelines

Foreign, vice domestic, policy

Official in Russia Tries to Sell 'Collectib​le' Tank

Gallup: Dissatisfa​ction with gun laws jumps to 12-year high

Ron Hart. Obama ‘saves’ us from cliff with Grecian Formula

'Leading From Behind,' Part II: France Strikes in Mali After U.S. Strategy Collapses

Soros: 13 New Gun Laws Needed Now

Deadly cargo: black widow spiders mailed out from Arizona

Colleges Twist U.S. History

Science explains, solves jet lag

A World Without America By Frank Gaffney, Jr.

Home Burglary Tied to Journal News' Gun Map Reported

Schumer to gun shop owners: Stop selling guns while Congress debates

Football and eating lunch alone

Americans Buy Enough Guns in Last Two Months to Outfit the Entire Chinese and Indian Armies

2014: Gun Control Big Loser for Democrats

Debt Ceiling: Krugman Knows the Jig is Up

NRA Says Congress Will Not Pass Weapons Ban

Mali raid shows why Britain needs stong military

Mali Islamists seize garrison town

Rape 'being used as widespread weapon of war in Syrian conflict'

German robbers dig 100 foot tunnel into Berlin bank safe room

Cyprus: Russia's Next Lunch?

Lasers: Asia’s Coming “Sci-Fi” Arms Race

What Happens When China Goes “Gray”?

Obama: I Want More Tax Increases

Obama: Just Wait, the Ladies are on the Way

Mubarak retrial to increase pressure on Mursi

'Iran could reach key point for nuclear bomb by mid-2014'

Cubans line up for the chance to leave

Napolitano to stay at Homeland Security

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