Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Late News...........

Development Aid - Prolonging Poverty At Taxpayers Expense

Obama’s Execrable Use of Children to Sell His Gun Proposals

CDR Salamander​: LCS and the Audacity of Hope

Joint effort delivers 3 helicopter​s to Iraq

Harry Reid says assault weapons ban is doomed

2nd Amendment for Dummies and Tyrants

Obama looking at 19 - count 'em, 19 - executive orders on guns

Iran may hang US pastor

Stolen train crashes into building in Sweden

Celebrity Dachshund Tatler Alan dies in revolving door at Vogue House

Coughs last 18 days in most cases regardless of treatment

Al-Shabaab Tweets Commando's Body as Admin 'Celebrate​s' Progress in Somalia

New DNA test can determine eye and hair colour from people who lived in the Middle Ages

Fitch may downgrade U.S. credit rating

Little-kno​wn laws shed light on NRA influence

Colin Blow Hearts Obama

Can a family survive for a year on British-made goods?

Liberalism Versus Blacks by Thomas Sowell

Texas to Join Wyoming: Felony Charges for Enforcing New Gun Control

Why I am a newly-mint​ed member of NRA

What We Talk About When We Talk About Guns

Homeland Security's Social Media keyword list

Why Cooks Are The Hungriest People At Restaurant​s

Al Gore is No Run of the Mill Hypocrite

Mark Levin is right: Obama is an imperial president

France prepares for protracted Mali campaign

Biden's Gun Control Report Handed In On Time; Obama's Budget Proposal Late (Again)

Iran sends monkeys into space – so can place nukes anywhere on earth

And This is Revolution

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